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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Halloween Vandalism

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Halloween is known to be a fun, festive holiday celebrated across America. With a vibrant array of costumes, candy, and decorations, it’s certainly a favorite day marked in most calendars — especially for vandals. From egging homes to stealing decorations, vandals will do anything to make Halloween unenjoyable. To keep your home and family safe from these ~tricksters~, here are some important tips you should implement before the big night:

Way 1: Secure Your Decorations
Usually the first item on your property to be vandalised are your decorations. From scarecrows to freshly carved pumpkins, vandals will do anything to create havoc. Before your home becomes an easy target, it’s important to take precaution and secure your decorations. If you plan on implementing scarecrows on your property, it’s best to place them in front of bushes. Once you place the holiday staple in the ground (in front of the bush), secure the scarecrow’s stake with some wire/string, and tie it to a sturdy branch on the bush. This will secure your festive decoration to your property and will be less tempting for vandals to dismantle it (or steal).

Way 2: Illuminate Your Property
In addition to keeping your property safe for trick-or-treaters, having a fairly illuminated home will keep vandals at bay — since they’ll be on full display if they try to vandalize your home. The simplest solution is to purchase an array of solar-powered lights that require little-to-no installation. Once you have the lights, place them in prime areas around your property, such as walkways and any dimly lit corners. This will not only ward away vandals, but it will create less of a tripping hazard for trick-or-treaters coming to your home for candy.

Way 3: Park in the Driveway
Besides your home being a prime target, vandals will also try to wreck havoc on vehicles. Instead of parking your car in the street on Halloween, park it in your driveway. In addition to being the much safer alternative, it will also be the most well-lit area, too. Another added benefit of parking your vehicle in your driveway is that it will let potential vandals know that you are home — and that your home is not vacant. Your home will be less of a target with this simple solution.

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