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All-terrain vehicles, commonly called ATVs, are some of the most fun and exciting vehicles you can ride. You ride an ATV just like a motorcycle, sitting on the back, exposed to the elements around you, and the rough road underneath you.

ATVs have four wheels, which allow for more stability and control than a motorcycle.
The four wheels are the reason people can ride ATVs across a variety of terrains. In many states, ATVs are banned from public roads, which does not stop most riders. ATVs are supposed to be “off-road,” for use on mountain trails, in the desert, the woods, and on the beach. ATVs are wildly popular recreational vehicles enjoyed by a variety of individuals, young and old.

While ATVs can be fun and enjoyable vehicles to ride, doing so is not without risks. Like any other vehicle, ATVs can cause accidents resulting in injuries or even death to its riders, passengers, and onlookers.

If you or someone you love was injured in an ATV accident, call our lawyers at Levine and Wiss, PLLC. The chances are that someone’s negligence caused your accident and injuries. Our experienced personal injury lawyers in New York can help determine who and what caused your accident. Then, we can work on getting you compensation for your injuries warrant.

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This experience puts our clients at an advantage when seeking the maximum compensation allowed by law.

Injuries From ATV Accidents Can be Severe and Costly

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), an estimated 98,000 people had to get emergency room treatment because of ATV-related accidents in 2015 alone. These injuries amount to millions in medical costs, hospital expenses, and other economic losses.
Here are some of the most common injuries that can happen as a result of ATV accidents:

  • Head and Brain Injuries – ATV accidents often involve passengers getting thrown off of the vehicle. More often than not, a person’s head gets hit in the process. A person can hit his head on the ground or whatever surface that he or she is riding.
  • When a crash happens, a rider can hit his head on the ATV, as can an onlooker. These types of accidents can cause head and brain injuries, ranging from a mild concussion to more serious neurological issues. A rider without a helmet or innocent bystander can suffer permanent brain damage from an ATV accident.
  • Fractured and Dislocated Bones – As with any vehicular accident, fractured and dislocated bones are some of the most common types of injuries that an ATV rider, passenger, or bystander can suffer. A person can fall off an ATV and can easily break or dislocate his or her arm or leg.
  • While these kinds of injuries are commonly not fatal, they can be very painful and require surgeries, physical therapy, and medication.
  • Chest and Abdominal Injuries – ATV accidents also tend to injure peoples’ chest or abdominal areas. Among the common chest and abdominal injuries that can happen as a result of ATV accidents are pulmonary contusions or bruising of the lungs and rib fractures.

Our Lawyers Understand That Negligence Causes Many ATV Accidents in New York

To have a personal injury claim, a party must be negligent, and injuries must result from the negligence. There are several situations in which negligence might result in ATV accidents.
They include:

  • Riding with More than One Passenger – ATVs are designed to accommodate one passenger only. Riding with two or more passengers is one of the common causes of ATV accidents. Having a second or third passenger on an ATV can affect the balance and stability of the ATV, and this can cause accidents to happen. Having more than the recommended number of passengers on an ATV might be negligence.
  • Driving on Paved Roads – While AT’s are labeled as “all-terrain vehicles”, it is not exactly one that was made for driving on paved roads. Driving on smooth surfaces such as pavements can be one cause of accidents involving ATVs. This is especially true if the driver is not an experienced ATV rider. Driving an ATV on a surface for which is not intended might be negligence.
  • Speeding Accidents – Riding an ATV really fast can be quite exhilarating. Having the wind in your hair as you ride through different types of terrain would undoubtedly be enjoyable. Unfortunately, this is also one widespread cause of ATV accidents. Driving an ATV really fast on rough and uneven terrain can be very dangerous, and it’s something that can result in scary ATV accidents. Driving ATVs above recommended speeds can be negligent behavior.
  • Having Children Drive ATVs – Many people think that ATVs are extremely safe because they have four wheels. Some might let minor, unlicensed children drive ATVs themselves. Unfortunately, some children may not have the concentration and motor skills to maneuver an ATV properly. In fact, according to the CSPC, nearly 25,000 children younger than the age of 16 were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries related to ATV accidents in the year 2014. Letting a child ride ATVs might be an act of negligence.
  • Allowing Inexperienced Drivers to Ride – Many accidents can happen if you allow an inexperienced driver to ride an ATV without proper training or safety instructions. It may look easy to ride, but an ATV is a challenging vehicle to use. That’s why anyone interested in riding an ATV should read the operator’s manual and safety instructions first.
  • Defective ATV Parts – ATVs can work improperly, have faulty parts, or be manufactured poorly, which can result in accidents. In these situations, a mechanic, rental company, or manufacturer might be negligent and liable for injuries that result.

Any of the above actions might be indications that negligence occurred. If you were in an ATV accident and suffered injuries, call our personal injury lawyers at Levine and Wiss to find out if you have a legal claim.

What You Should Do if You Were Injured in an ATV Accident

Aside from enduring physical pain and suffering of ATV-related injuries, many victims are left traumatized by the experience. Victims might also face financial problems because healing takes time, and they can’t work.

One of the best things that a person can do after an ATV accident is to contact our ATV accident lawyers to help obtain fair compensation. Compensation might include money for medical expenses, hospital costs, doctors’ bills, therapies, lost wages, and more.

Whether you are busy recovering from your injuries or just want people with experience acting on your behalf, calling our ATV accident lawyers in New York can get your legal claim moving.
We can make sure the facts of your accident are documented, your medical records are in order, and find the party responsible for your injuries.

We know what duties and responsibilities ATV riders, renters, and manufacturers owe and can find out who breached their duty and caused your accident.

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