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Injuries Associated with Boating Accident Claims in NYC

With so many more personal injury lawsuits being filed these days, it’s no surprise that it seems as though there are new personal injury law firms popping up each and every day in an effort to meet the demand. The fact is that personal injury lawsuits encompass quite a bit of different situations, including things like car accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction site injuries, boating accident claims and much more. and the latter of which, boating accident claims in NYC are on the rise. While you might not believe it, whether its in the southern parts of Brooklyn, the easy river or the Long Island Sound, more and more New Yorkers than ever before are purchasing boats and spending their weekends enjoying all different kinds of watercraft like jet skis, speed boats and much more. However, with more people on the water every weekend, it makes sense that we would be experiencing quite a rise in the number of boating accidents that are occurring each and every day. According to the team at Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Manhattan has to offer, boating accidents are a fairly interesting form of personal injury claim, and something that we don’t often encounter in NYC. However, despite this, they are on the rise, and with them occurring far more often, there are tons of boat owners who have no clue about what they are going to encounter in terms of legal recourse when they suffer an accident and possibly injure themselves. In this article, we will be exploring these claims and educating clients on some important things to know.

Boating Accidents Occurring More Than Ever Before!

The fact is that while New York isn’t considered to be the best state when it comes to watersports and being on the water. According to Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Queens has to offer, when it comes to boating accident claims in NYC, the numbers have reached some of their modern highs, and more and more men and women becoming injured in boating accidents than ever before. And in many cases, we are even experiencing a number of accidents that prove to be fatal. According to Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Queens has to offer, US Coast Guard reports indicate that there were over 4,000 boating accidents across the United States this past year, and of those accidents, about 600+ led to fatalities, and in 2500 of those cases, the parties suffered from some type of injury while onboard. And when it comes to the damage to actual property, it amounted to an incredible $55 million dollars in damages. In the state of Florida, where many New Yorkers tend to spend their summers there were over 450 injuries alone, and $16 million dollars in property damage. These numbers are quite incredible and point to an incredible rise that many believe will only continue on from there.

Common Boating Injuries

With so many more boating injuries and accidents in general occurring each and every year, its no surprise that negligence related personal injury claims on the water are also on the rise. And depending on the severity and types of injuries they experience, it can often point to differing severity of cases, and differing levels of compensatory damages for the plaintiffs or victims. According to Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Manhattan has to offer, the most frequent injuries were lacerations and contusions. Many suffered from head, back, and neck injuries as well. 56% of victims were occupants in the boats compared to 43% that were operating a boat. Most of those injured were not wearing a personal flotation device (PFD). About 45% of accident victims were ejected from the boat during an accident. The fact is that if you have been involved in a boating accident in NYC, it’s vital that you hire an experienced attorney like Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Queens has in practice, as they are knowledgeable when it comes to these types of situations and understand how such cases work. The leading cause of death when it came to these accidents was drowning, and in such claims, the accident will become a wrongful death claim in addition to the damages of the boating accident itself.

Causes of Injuries

When we are looking into the many accidents that are taking place on the water, the best way we can avoid them is to understand what exactly is causing them to occur. The most common reason for such instances to occur has got to be distracted driving, as it has become a huge problem. According to Levine & Wiss, the best watercraft accidents lawyer Manhattan has in practice, after the lack of attention paid while driving was operator inexperience. 57% of boat operators in accidents had no boater education at all. It’s obvious that not having the proper education can wreck your boating plan, and the third highest cause of negligence related boating incidents was driving at an excessive speed. In many instances, it’s hard to control a boat when it’s going so fast, just like a car. For more information on such accidents and more, be sure to contact Levine & Wiss today.