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At Levine and Wiss PLLC, our lawyers combine a comprehensive understanding of the laws applicable to construction accidents with the practical ability to investigate and collect evidence related to complex job site injury claims. Injured workers across Long Island, including West Hempstead, Valley Stream, and Elmont, come to us for representation when they get hurt on a construction site.

The laws that apply to workplace injuries and construction sites are complex and can be challenging to navigate, especially when your injuries are severe. There are often multiple parties legally responsible for injuries that occur on construction sites in places like Queens, and Hempstead.

For these reasons, and others, it is crucial that you obtain representation from lawyers who know how to handle construction accident claims. At Levine and Wiss, our construction accident lawyers work tirelessly to ensure that when you get injured on a construction site, you obtain the maximum damages the laws allow.

Our Lawyers Know That Workers’ Compensation Might Not Be Your Only Option When You Get Injured on a Construction Site in New York

Construction sites are dangerous, more so than most workplaces. Because of this fact, there are thousands and thousands of regulations, laws, and rules that govern construction sites and their safety to avoid construction accident injuries.

On any construction site, you might find heavy equipment, people working at great heights, live electricity, and dangerous chemicals. All of these moving parts create an environment where any inattention, negligence, or recklessness can result in catastrophic injuries.

When most workers get hurt on the job, they are entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. The intention of workers’ comp is to make it the exclusive way for employees to collect payments from their employers when injuries occur on a worksite. In other words, when you get hurt in a construction accident on the job, you should not be able to sue your employer for your injuries. Workers’ compensation should be your employer’s only obligation to you.

However, workers’ comp does not preclude employees from pursuing construction accident claims if someone other than the employer or another employee was negligent. You might be able to hold a third party legally responsible for your injuries.

Our Lawyers Can Help You Pursue Damages Against a Third Party When You Get Hurt in a Construction Accident in NYC or on Long Island

Who might be responsible for your injuries from a construction accident in Freeport or Amityville? There are often multiple companies that play a part in activities and jobs on a construction site. Therefore, there are a variety of parties whose negligence can contribute to a construction site accident.

Some possibilities include:

  • The general contractor
  • The property owner
  • An independent contractor
  • A delivery driver
  • An employee of another company working on the site
  • The manufacturer of equipment
  • The manufacturer of vehicles
  • Maintenance companies
  • The landlord
  • A vendor

Suppose there is evidence that a non-employer, third-party was negligent and caused your construction site injuries. In that case, you might be able to file a personal injury claim and collect damages.

Damages from personal injury cases are broader and, in most situations, potentially greater than workers’ comp payments. When there is evidence that someone other than your employer was negligent, you must understand your legal rights to pursue all avenues of compensation.

Our Construction Accident Lawyers at Levine and Wiss Represent Victims of Workplace Accidents in Brooklyn, Nassau County, Queens the New York Metro Area

Were you hurt in a construction accident in West Hempstead? Did you have a workplace accident on a construction site in Brooklyn or Queens?

If so, you can find experienced, passionate personal injury lawyers to help you enforce your legal right to collect the maximum amount of damages the laws allow.

Our lawyers represent carpenters, roofers, excavators, electricians, pavers, landscapers, heavy equipment operators, drivers, and others who suffer injuries at construction sites. We handle a variety of construction injury cases such as the following:

  • Crane accidents
  • Falls from heights
  • Injuries caused by falling objects
  • Accidents caused by poorly stored equipment or debris
  • Forklift accidents
  • Electrocution
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Explosions and fires

In many of these cases, the victims suffer severe or permanent injuries to the head or spinal cord, or the loss of a limb. Construction site injuries can also be fatal.

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Our lawyers understand that an accident on a construction site can be devastating to you and your family. Call us for help pursuing all of the available legal remedies and seeking the maximum damages the laws allow.

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