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How Pedestrians can Sustain Injury During Winter

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According to the NYPD, it is unfortunate that the rate of pedestrian accidents in New York is growing at a higher rate than deaths from homicides. Pedestrian-related accidents involve vehicles, bikes, fall, slips, and trips. Pedestrian accidents make up for a significant number of fatalities emanating from road accidents. In 2016, pedestrian deaths rose to 150 casualties from 130 in the previous year. During winters, pedestrians are exposed to a higher risk of accidents due to the environmental changes.

The snow piles up on the sidewalks and roads which makes the surface wet and leaves the pedestrian susceptible to falls. Besides, pedestrians could suffer injuries during winters due to various reasons. In most cases, pedestrians are not to blame for the accidents, and they should be compensated for injuries and losses that occur during a crash. This is where we come in. We know that you require professional representation to get compensated. Our goal is to obtain justice on your behalf in order to keep your best interests atop our priority list.

Here are Possible Ways Pedestrians Can Sustain Injuries During the Winter

  • Being hit by motorists: During winters, roads become slippery due to the snow on the road and sidewalks. Such conditions are unfavorable for fast or careless driving since the vehicle can easily veer off the road and hit pedestrians on the street. Drivers who do not pay attention may also realize that they are out of control when it is too late and eventually run over a pedestrian.
  • Tripping over the pavement: It is the municipal’s job to ensure that the sidewalks are in proper standards during winters to avoid accidents. Catastrophic accidents have been reported where pedestrians fall into a utility hole that is covered in snow.
  • Impassable sidewalks during winters: While municipal workers are clearing snow from the road during winters, specific acts of negligence have been observed where the snow is dumped on the sidewalks creaking small hills which people cannot pass over. This forces the pedestrians to share the road with traffic which could lead to accidents
  • Being hit by delivery bikes: During winters, controlling bikes on snow could be hard for the delivery men and women. For that reason, they may be involved in accidents where they hit pedestrians while riding in the snow.

There are different ways that pedestrians could get hurt during winters. Many times pedestrians lack people who can represent them when they are involved in accidents and go uncompensated.

At Levine and Wiss, our New York pedestrian accident attorneys represent pedestrians to seek the compensation they deserve for injuries and damages afflicted to them during an accident. In case you get involved in an accident as a pedestrian, or you know a victim of the same misfortune, be sure to contact us at Levine and Wiss for professional representation.

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