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Injured at the Mohegan Sun Casino or on Mohegan Tribal Land? Did you know that you Must bring your lawsuit in the Mohegan Gaming Disputes Court? You need an attorney admitted to practice in the Mohegan Tribal Court system.

We are one of the very few full-service personal injury firms with admission to the Mohegan Tribal Court system.

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Mohegan Sun is located on Mohegan Tribal land. The Mohegan Tribe is a federally-recognized, sovereign nation. Under state and federal law, the Mohegan Tribe enjoys sovereign immunity from lawsuits for injuries occurring on Mohegan Tribal land. Like any nation, the Mohegan Tribe has a constitution and tribal government. In the Mohegan constitution, the tribe grants a limited waiver of sovereign immunity for lawsuits related to injuries occurring at Mohegan Sun.

The Mohegan Tribal Council adopted its torts code pursuant to Article IX, Section 2, of the Mohegan Constitution. It was officially adopted by the Management Board of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority (“MTGA”) pursuant to Article XIII, Section 1 of the Mohegan Tribal Constitution and Mohegan Tribal Ordinance No. 952, enacted on May 15, 1995.

Therefore, your injury lawsuit must be brought in the Mohegan Tribal Court system. You need our full-service personal injury firm with battle-tested attorneys admitted in the Mohegan Gaming Disputes Court.