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Keeping a Winter Safety Kit in Your Car

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The reason it is so important that we are driving with a winter safety kit in our car is because we never know when trouble can strike. Another driver could lose control of their car on icy roads and slam into our car, we could run out of gas on a deserted road, or the vehicle may simply break down. Consider keeping an emergency kit in your vehicle to stay safe and get the help you need in a timely manner.

Repairing a Flat Tire
Nothing can be as frustrating as having a flat tire and no tools to make the repair. Inside the winter safety kit should be a flashlight for night repairs, batteries in case they are bad, can of WD-40 to loosen stuck lug nuts, and a can of tire fix-a-flat in case it is a small leak you can fix it enough to get to a service station. Make certain before we take any trip in the winter that the vehicle has a spare tire with air and the tools necessary to jack up the car and remove the tire.

Keeping Warm and Hydrated
Minor engine trouble might seem like a breeze to fix, but without tools we are going to be stuck in dangerously cold weather with no hope to make that repair. In our winter safety kit should be water bottles, blankets, snacks, and more that can help keep you comfortable while you wait for help.

Keeping Important Phone Numbers
Since we never know when or where an accident could occur, and maybe our phone is dead or we left it home by accident, keeping important phone numbers in the winter safety box can go a long way. If we are injured and can’t move, help could open the kit and contact our family to inform them we are hurt, and then our attorney so they can get to work on this case while we are healing. These numbers in our phones sitting at home do no good, write them on the side of the winter safety kit to be safe.

Taking precautions today for trouble that might occur in the future is the best way to thwart a potentially dangerous situation. This safety kit will not take up much room in the car, and could be the difference in freezing on the side of the road or getting help in a timely manner.

Our New York auto accident lawyers help those who have been injured due to negligence. When other drivers are not taking precautions on the road, it could be dangerous for others. Make sure you know how to stay safe in the most effective manner possible.

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