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Preventing Injuries On New Year’s Eve

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve is fun with family and friends. Of course, it is also a night of overindulging ourselves for those resolutions to start the following day. Many people are notoriously drinking, which can lead to car accidents, falls and various injuries. Celebrating on the eve of New Year’s can lead to disaster for the new one.

Out of all 365 days of the year, the most common one for drunk driving is none other than New Year’s Eve. People have been drinking quite excessively, and some have a lack of judgement that they think driving somewhere is a good idea.

Thanks to technology, there are multiple apps and the classic taxi that can get a drunken person home with ease.

Another common accident that is related to drunk driving is pedestrian accidents. These can happen either by a drunk driver, distracted driver or a jaywalker. Within the bigger cities, many people are milling about, that it takes a few seconds to hit someone.

Either stay sober or take an Uber and pay attention to the people on the streets.

Besides the Fourth of July, New Year’s Eve is the biggest fireworks night in the United States. They are fun to watch, set off and a great way to celebrate. Fireworks, like cars, can still cause injury to others. Thousands of injuries happen every year due to nonexistent safety precautions and faulty fireworks.

To help prevent any unforeseen accident, never give kids fireworks, do not make them at home and provide some space in the yard for the festivities.

Unnecessary gunfire seems to be more common now. People will fire shots into the air, but the bullets still come back down to the earth at a fast speed which can still kill someone. Stray bullets kill people and can scare people which can be even more hazardous.

Celebratory gunfire is illegal for a reason. Do not do it.

Stay safe and alive by keeping extra precautions on events. Celebrating New Year’s Eve can still be fun without all the dangers of overdoing it.

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