Our New York Quadriplegia Injury Lawyers are Filing Claims for Seriously Injured Clients

At Levine and Wiss, PLLC, our quadriplegic injury lawyers and paraplegic injury attorneys represent clients in New York, including Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Nassau County, and Suffolk County. We have significant experience handling quadriplegic injury cases and work hard to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

Every year in the United States, thousands of people suffer an injury that causes quadriplegia.
For many people, these injuries are the result of a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident, or bicycle accident. Quadriplegia is one of the most tragic and burdensome injuries our lawyers see. Our lawyers know that filing claims after accidents involving these injuries require compassion, strength, determination, and experience.

Experienced Help with Quadriplegia Lawsuits and Paraplegia Lawsuits

If someone’s negligence or recklessness caused your injury, call our personal injury lawyers at Levine and Wiss. Quadriplegia can leave the injured person and their family in financial peril because of lost income and the high cost of long-term care. Insurance companies know that you will need the money and may try to pressure you into accepting a settlement that is less than you deserve.

Protect your legal rights and demand compensation from those responsible for the accident or negligence that caused your injuries. As you know, these injuries are traumatic with life-long consequences. Securing compensation is crucial to ensuring you have the resources you need to get on with your life.

Call today and let our New York quadriplegic injury lawyers at Levine and Wiss help you collect the compensation you deserve.

How Do You File a Lawsuit for Quadriplegia Injuries Sustained in New York?

If you have been injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another, including a motor vehicle accident, slip and fall, premises injury, a defective product or any other negligence by another person or company, you may be entitled to significant damages.

Quadriplegia results from an injury to the vertebrae in the spine, usually the ones in the neck. The injury to these vertebrae can result in paralysis of everything located below the neck. Injuries to the spine in any location have the potential to cause some paralysis.

Unlike a paraplegia injury, which causes paralysis from the waist down, a quadriplegia injury is one that causes paralysis of nearly the entire body. The injured party loses all feeling and control of the arms and legs, and often the torso and chest as well.

People who suffer quadriplegia injuries often experience extreme hardship and life-changes that are unlike those caused by other injuries. A personal injury lawsuit filed by experienced New York attorneys is the mechanism to help you secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Quadriplegia Injuries Happen in Many Ways

Catastrophic injuries to the neck and spine can result from the force of nearly any type of accident.

Motor vehicles are the most common cause of injuries that result in quadriplegia, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and bus accidents.

Quadriplegia injuries can also occur in accidents with bicycles, and athletic or sports-related accidents, construction site accidents, and accidents with bicycles. Many of these accidents are the result of negligent or reckless behavior.

Quadriplegia injuries can result from negligence and recklessness, such as:

  • Distracted driving, driving while tired
  • Speeding
  • Running stop lights
  • Driving under the influence of drugs
  • Drunk driving
  • Texting and driving
  • Ignoring traffic rules
  • Failing to follow safety rules and regulations
  • Using faulty equipment
  • Negligent hiring
  • Improper supervision
  • Poor training

Whether someone who suffers a quadriplegia injury is a child hurt on the football field, someone hit by a car while on a bike ride, or someone who gets thrown from a motorcycle, the result is probably the same: the loss of the ability to move and a lifetime of dependence. If your quadriplegic injury was the result of someone’s negligence or recklessness, there should be some accountability.

Adjusting to life with quadriplegia can be a daunting task for those suffering from it as well as their families. The emotional and financial burdens can be overwhelming to everyone involved.

Our personal injury lawyers at Levine and Wiss can help you on the road to recovery by navigating your quadriplegia claim and ensuring you collect the compensation your catastrophic injury warrants.

Our Quadriplegic Injury Lawyers Help Clients Collect Maximum Compensation

Someone who suffers a quadriplegic injury in New York that was caused by negligence can file a claim to collect compensation from the party that caused the accident. You might be able to collect money for medical costs, lost income, future earnings, pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and more.

People with quadriplegia often require a lifetime of care. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing care, assistive medical devices, and equipment may be needed. There might be in-home nurses and aides. The compensation you seek will be based on the injuries sustained, pain and suffering, as well as financial injuries including medical care and future living expenses.

A person with quadriplegia might need to be in a long-term care facility. Medical expenses can add up quickly. What happens when the person injured is the breadwinner in the family? What if there are children who need care? A mortgage that needs to be paid? All of these things must be considered.

The list of potential problems for victims of quadriplegia injuries is seemingly endless. The costs can be astronomical. Our lawyers want to ensure that you collect compensation that is appropriate, fair, and accurately reflects your physical, emotional, and financial injuries. We want you to have compensation that will satisfy your current and future needs.

Call Levine and Wiss, PLLC, to Pursue Your New York Quadriplegia Lawsuit Today

Catastrophic injuries like quadriplegia require experienced, skilled personal injury lawyers like those at Levine and Wiss. We have a unique perspective and advantage, as many of our lawyers have previous experience working for insurance companies. We know the tactics they are using and how to stand up to them when they try to settle with you for less than what you deserve.

At Levine and Wiss, you can count on our highly skilled team to represent you with compassion and tenacity, ensuring you and your family secure the maximum compensation allowed by law. We work on a contingency basis, which means we don’t get paid until you do.

Call Levine and Wiss today at 888-GOT-HURT (888-468-4878) to schedule a free evaluation of your quadriplegia injury claim.

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